What are reptilian shape shifters?

what are reptilian shapeshifters

Reptilian Shapeshifters??

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This website describes the shape shifters in much more detail later.what are reptilian shapeshifters A short introduction will suffice for now. Basically, conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts have discovered (or invented if you are a skeptic) a number of alien races who have interacted with the human race or our hominid ancestors.

The aliens vary in appearance and motivation. Some of the details – short Greys, tall Nordics, genetic experimentation. The Reptilian shape shifters are lizard-like humanoids who are able to change shape to look human. This is generally taken to be a mystical or physical ability possibly fueled by human blood or not. One writer at least (Sherry Shiner) believes the human appearance is created by a sort of hologram.

Regardless of how they do it, these Reptilian shape shifters are using that ability to interact with humans and manipulate global affairs. The details how this is done and why it might be happening will be explored later in the website, beginning with some notes on the Reptilian shape shifters plans for humanity.
Reptoids may or may not lay eggs. Icke doesn’t mention anything about reproduction, but an unsourced claim on The Greater Picture mentions that reptilians do lay eggs. Unsourced claims are common in discussions of the Reptilian shape shifter conspiracy as are unsupported assertions.

Aside from the individuals living as humans, most Reptoids live under the earth. This is an old idea that Icke apparently latched onto and expanded. Ancient myths sometimes featured lizard-like beings or serpent-like races living underground. A geologist supposedly found a Reptilian city underground near Los Angeles back in 1934.

Origins of the Conspiracy:

How did the Reptilian shape shifter conspiracy get started? The “discovery” of an alien conspiracy to control humanity has been reported more than once. While the discovery of the truth through historical research or divine revelation, or a combination of the two makes sense to believers. Skeptics look to other possible explanations for the Reptilian shape shifter conspiracy. Recent history provides a good starting point.

A 1934 Los Angeles Times story, now apparently lost, reported discovery of a labyrinth to an underground city populated by reptilian humanoids. Mining engineer G. Warren Shufelt allegedly found the base and mapped it from above ground using some type of radio x-ray device. No subsequent evidence of a city or tunnels has been found. According to an essay by Brian Dunning at Sketpoid.com points out the device was a fancy dowsing rod.

Pop culture either fed into the conspiracy or inspired it. The 1980s television series “V” was about a race of seemingly human-like aliens who arrived on earth with peaceful intentions, they said. The aliens were actually reptilians who ate meat and intended to first undermine human civilization and then exterminate or at least enslave us. This series and the Roddy Piper film “They Live” both addressed this alien conspiracy theme before formulation of the Reptilian shape shifter conspiracy reached the form often encountered today. They Live and V would have, in turn, been able to draw on ideas of ancient astronaut theorists like Erich Von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin. All of that work could have influenced David Icke’s thinking…

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