Welcome to Reptilian Shapeshifters

Welcome to Reptilian Shapeshifters.

According to poll data collected in the 2012 United States Presidential campaign, 4% of American’s believe that a race of reptilian aliens are secretly running government on a global scale. At first glance, 4% may not seem like a large number. However, when you do the math you end up with the realization that 12 million American citizens subscribe to this theory.

Before we go any further some back story is in order. This site is in place simply to inform people who are unaware about what exactly this theory is. The overall goal of the site is to be neutral and unbiased, though there may be posts and articles defending one side or the other in order to let readers decided for themselves what to believe. What you read below is a brief synopsis of the history, context and background behind this movement.

David Icke

The main figure associated with the rise and prevalence of this theory is David Icke, a former television personality from Great Britain. In the early 1990′s Icke began to delve into the depths of paranormal and supernatural ideology. He quickly began spreading apocalyptic messages, writing books, and losing credibility with the general public that had known him as a television reporter.

Icke’s beliefs cascaded into apocalyptic warnings about natural disasters and oppressive government. This beliefs led him to spearheading the conspiracy movement of which this site is named.

 The Conspiracy Itself: The Reptilian Shapeshifters

In a nutshell, the reptilian shapeshifter conspiracy claims that a race of “reptoid” aliens visited earth thousands of years ago and are still living here today. This reptilian race is claimed to be capable of “shape shifting” or changing form to disguise itself as human. Once disguised, these shapeshifting aliens have infiltrated various world governments, royal families and media factions. The goal of this is to enslave and control the fate of human kind.

Icke has written many books on the subject, and claims to be able to interlink this conspiracy with various historical events, political agendas, and other conspiracy theories. Indeed, his work is some of the most “complete” and “thorough” conspiracy research available.

Clearly, none of this has been taken seriously by much of the world. There are a plethora of critics who have spoken out against these claims, and others who believe it is so ridiculous that they do not see the need to even address it. This will be addressed elsewhere on this site.

For now, hopefully you are more aware of this topic and what it is all about. Keep checking in for more information if you’d like to know all about Reptilian Shapeshifters.